Georgia is well suited for car travel. The roads are well-maintained and the markings and signpost make it easy to find your way around. From Tbilisi, you can reach most cities like Mthketa, Gori, Rustavi and Signagi within an hour’s drive. Kutaisi and Borjomi take about two hour Getting to Batumi and Zugdidi showed about five.

Cars in Georgia run on petrol, diesel or petroleum Gas (LPG). The pumps at the petrol stations indicate which type of fuel they contain.
Most gas stations are open 24/7 and sell diesel, gasoline and in some cases, LPG.

Maximum Speed
The maximum speed on the national motorways is between 100 and 110 kilometers an hour. Within the urban areas, speed limits are set at 50-70 kilometers an hour, and in some cases, 80 kilometers an hour.

Speed Penalties
There are many speed cameras and other traffic control devices in Georgia. The penalties for speeding, using your mobile phone while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving through red lights are vigorously enforced.