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Gudauri – snowboarding resort of modern standards. It is located at Main Range of Caucasus near Jvari Mountain Pass 2196 meter from sea level. It is ideal place in for those who are fond of winter extreme sport. The average height of the snow in winter reaches 1.5 meters on the mountain slope. The skiing season lasts from November to April. For professional skiers Gudauri slope has all fourth sport ski line: slalom, slalom-giant, super giant and high-speed gallop. The category of all ski line is approved by FIS.

Gudauri hosts guests even during summer season. In summer Gudauri is attractive for those who are fond of backpacking and water rafting. Backpacking with horses and taking walk in Truso and Khada Ravines take place, the water rafting takes place on the river of Aragvi. During both seasons guests are expected to make great choice of modern infrastructure hotels and hostels in Gudauri.

Oct 02, 2018

Georgia is the oldest wine making country of origin of the grapes is the first cultural species. The unique geographical location and rich soil provide ideal conditions for the development of the wine industry.

Vine is associated with the spread of Christianity in Georgia. Vine-cross Georgia St. Nino. Georgian churches are often decorated with images of the vine.

Wine is produced in the region for all the family. Wine cup used specially made clay bowls.

Cellar, usually equipped with wine-press and pitcher.

Georgia, the gathering is called vintage wine. Harvest usually begins in late September and continued during two weeks.

Georgian wine pitcher is dominated the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In Kvareli region we will visit the wine cellar, "Khareba", where we will have the opportunity to taste seven wines and Georgian local traditional dishes.

Oct 02, 2018

Day 1: Tour in Tbilisi , Day 2: Tour in Mtskheta, Day 3: Tour in Imereti, Day 4: Tour in Samegrelo , Day 5: Tour in Svaneti, Day 6: Ushguli, Day 7: Koruldi Lake, Day 8: Middle Kartli, Day 9: Tour in Kazbegi, Day 10:Free Time

Oct 02, 2018
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